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the manga im making is about angel and demons differnt demensions

there a lot of demensions the angel dem. the demon dem. the earth dem. celestial dem.
the dem. of the gods

the angels and demons were once one god but split in to different beings

the 2 founders of the village in the celestial realm were angel and demon
they were best friends turned enemies they fought at the earth realm and was never heard from again the 2 main characters trakes and satoshi are decendants from them trakes zubachi from the great zubachi clan and satoshi zarkoski from the great zarkoski clan
the zarkoski clan was massacared by the zubachi clan and on the same night trakes lost control of his demon side and killed all of his clan after that trakes and satoshi became best friend until they went to the academy to become gardians gardians protect people in the earth realm from evil people like the assasin the assasins are a group of exiled gardians that tried to obtain dark powers. there are ranks of gardians
first of is fledgeling the lowest just graduated from school
second is protecter to gain this rank u have to take the proctecter exams with your team
third is the sentenal they go on hard missions or take a team of fledgelings
fourth is the red gaurd wich sole purpose is to protect the leader of the village
fith is celestail black ops which does the dirty work for the villege
lastly there is the celestail the leader of the village. well anyways while at the academy trakes becomes top student while satoshi follows behind him. on graduation day they are put as leaders of 2 sepatate teams to capture the others leader they go all out and destroy the training course after that they are placed on a team with each other and a girl named reana who is madly in love with trakes but satoshi loves reana and trakes is trying to get power to kill the one who killed his clan because he has no memory that he did because of the seal that activates when an angel or demon awakeins thier powers
thier teams leader is lady named kyga she can use force feilds at will thier first mission is to go to the earth realm to protect a girl that is adecendant from the gods
on thier way to the earth realm they are are ambushed by by assasins trakes and satishi use their angel/demon powers for the first time and wwin the battle while in the earht realm they spend months thiear fighting epic battles the next main battle happens after while they were walkin home from the school they had to go to protect the girl name kitomi
they were attacked by high level assasins and a angel with blindfolds over his eyes with one wing too after the battle trakes has to make a decsion save reana or save kitomi in the end he chooses kitomi when she is about to get stabed he jumps the way and takes the hit to the shoulder then kills the assasins before losing concieness he see black feathers the same ones as his clans murderer kitomi takes him to her house to help him while hes recover they slowely strt to fall in love wich is forbiiden for trakes becuase she live in the unholy earht realm after everyone is healed the team heads back to the celestial realm for the protecter exams ( think of narutos chunin exams its like that) in the 2nd part of the exam wich is the survival part trakes meets the leader of the assasins who places a seal over his seal to control his demonic powers that when trakes finds out hes a demon ( satostoshi found out he was an angel by the one winged angel they fought)during the 3rd exam which is one on one fights trakes fights his older brother who was away on a mission during the massure he vowed to kill trakes for what he did in the end trakes gets half of his heart destroyed while his brother sadoko gets all of his heart destroyed this happens all in front of eveybody and trakes nephew sadokos son who then vows to kill trakes for his dad. during the final match wich is trakes vs satoshi theyre pwers collide wich teleports them to the same place there ancestors fought thats when trakes tells satoshi hes leaving to join the assasins and thats when the battle becomes emotionally crazy(and evey body from the exams are watching from the big screen becuse the screen homes in on the persons energy) during the conclusion of the fight trakes stabbes satoshi in the heart wich activates his full angel form which satoshi then starts to beat the crap out of trakes who then activates his full demon form in wich they stand on 2 differnt sky scapers oppisite from each other they charge up theyre final atack trakes uses lunar eclipes and satoshis uses solar shine they attacks collide and trakes is thrown into a buildin which collapses and satoshi is thrown in to a waterfall trakes then leaves to train for 3 year in the demon real and satoshi train for 3 years in the angel realm .... the end of the first series sorry i skipped a lot of other things and im going to add more stuff but please commentCCF06222012_00000 (2)
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