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My Oc

Here are some of my old drawings
they are the protagonists of the story I made back then...

Title: Evil Twins
Story and Art by: Eyesberg (it's me! ^^)

I usually write in notebook, I take 5 notebooks in writing this story but I couldn't finish this hehe I hope in my sixth notebook I will be able to finish this.

The story is about the twins Rinen and Hikoto who are cursed by the dark magic masters, because of the curse they are being targeted by the hunter named Saber, Their village was attacked by this Hunter and they are the only ones who survive the incident because they have a unique ability that can transport them to other worlds.
While using this ability they get separated and they lost their memories, After Five years they lived in other world peacefully but they cannot escaped their destiny of being curse...

And this is my new version of the evil twins
Name: Rinen(girl) and hikoto(boy)

visit my online gallery:
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