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Check out my comic, Eiliminti!

Long ago there were 5 Kingdoms. They all lived in harmony, and everything was peaceful. That was, until a 6th Kingdom appeared and took over the land. The only ones that could stop them were the 5 princesses with the power of the elements... But they failed... Now nothing is in the way of the 6th Kingdom controlling everything and everyone.

In the realm of earth, a group of friends are confronted by the spirits of the 5 princesses, and allow for the spirits to become one with them with the promise that they will save their world. The spirits as their guides and teachers, and their new power awakened, The girls enter the world of Eiliminti.

Please check it out!... the intro might not have turned out that well, but I was still experimenting! I have a set way now, and I'll fix the Prologue when I have time.
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