Anna (irishlullaby) wrote in homemade_manga,

New Manga?

I've been plotting this one for about... oh... eight years now. Unfortunately I have only recently taken up practicing my drawing. I am trying to update at least once a week. My premise is kind of clichéd as far as manga plots go, but the target audience is younger teens. And my drawing isn't the best. Am open to concrit but, please be gentle--mainly because I know my art isn't the best, AND I am pretty much working with pencil and paper scanned then cleaned up with Paint and Gimp.

Kamino Neko is a normal high school girl... or "normal" if having the ears and tail of a cat can be considered normal!! Little does she know that her life is about to change when a classmate named Hogosha Hanako decides turn her world upside down.
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